Artistic iPhone 4 Case For Designers

If you own an iPhone 4 and you’re a designer then this article is for you. Getting an iPhone 4 case will not fix the antenua problem but can also protect your £700 investment.

We, as designers need a case that do more than just the protection! Why? Because we are creative people and we want to convey this visually. This iPhone 4 case is a piece of art and will make the use of your new iPhone more enjoyable.
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The Importance of Graphic Design Knowledge in Web Design

Web design is basically a process of coding and graphic design is a much different process. We have logic (coding) on one side and creation (creativity) on the other side. They both play an important role in the creation of a great looking website. Many web designers underestimated the importance of graphic design knowledge in designing websites as a result, they struggle to create “attractive” websites. The visual part of a website can really make a basic brochure type website look more valuable.

Here are some key points that why graphic design does play an important role in web designing.
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Things You Need to Know Before Approaching Any Web Designers Or Web Design Companies

So you have decided that you will hire a web designer to build your website. You expect that the designer will come up with the right website design as you have chosen him carefully from your list of best web designers.

There are many things you need to know before approaching any web designers or web design companies. Read this short article to help you gain a better understanding of the web design industry.
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The Importance of Web Design For Online Businesses

E-commerce is continuously growing with more and more people bringing in their normal transactions from the table to the dashboard of their websites. Since the discovery of the World Wide Web, people from all over the world have found it easier to transact with other people from other countries through the internet. All they need to do is buy a domain name, build a website, buy online marketing tools such as shopping carts and merchant accounts, and of course design the entire online shop.
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The Steps of Getting a Website For Your Business

In the recent years websites have become a necessity to almost everyone. Companies, businesses, individuals, even school kids have created personal websites or blogs. Blogs seem to be getting more popular these days because of the ease of blog creation.

What you need to consider before creating a website, are things such the cost, maintenance, use, web host and more importantly the purpose of the website. You’ll need to ask questions like, what I do want the visitor to do when they’re on your website? Do you want to just provide the information about your business or do you want to them make a purchase, or maybe you’re looking for their contact details.

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Cool WordPress Theme


A very interesting WordPress theme design, the girl image weights the most in the overall design layout. The way it’s positioned blends in very well with other elements, from a designer point of view it’s definitely above the good level, however, from the business point of view I can see that there’s a number of issues. The obvious one would be the use of colours, the difference between foreground and background isn’t great enough and this can be tiring reader’s eyes. And to make the matter worst the designer has used a very small font size.

Overall I think it’s very good piece of “art”, perfect for personal use, but it certainly not something that I would consider for business use.

Here’s the live version