Invest In 3 Characters Domain Names

According to this guide 3 Letter .com and .net domain names pricing are going up by about 25% every month! What surprised me is that$6700) is now worth more than$6400), wish I bought 10 of them back in 1997…

It’s almost impossible to find any or today, even if you can find them they’ll be on the 10k mark. So instead of going after the “hot” cakes right now I thought I’d go find the ones that not so hot right now but will be “hot” in a few years from now.

I started looking at ones mixed with letters and numbers, for example – Depending on the combination they’re around $200 for .com and $40 for .net, which is a reasonable amount for investments like this. 4 lettter domains are also worth invest in, if it’s pronounceable it’s almost certain that it will worth more in the future.

The two places I normally go to find high value domains are forums like digitalpoint, NamePros and eBay.

Want More Hours In A Day?

One problem with our complicated lives these days is that many of us never find time to spend alone, in peace, without being bombarded with noise and information. There’s no time for solitude and quiet contemplation, and as a result, we have stress and anxiety and depression and repression.

Find time each day to be alone, for your mental health, by stealing pockets of time from other areas of your life.

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What I think of 9 Till 5 Jobs


The reason that most people prefer having a 9 till 5 job is because of the “steady and secure income”, they don’t like taking risk; that’s human nature, we always seek for security and ease, we want to do things the easy/common way,why? because it’s “comfortable”.

There’s nothing wrong with getting a 9 till 5 job, but don’t do it just for the money, do it for the knowledge that you would gain from it or do it for certain benefits you want get after, that way the time you invested on this job will be worth much more than the x amount per hour.

One thing I discovered is that most people “thinks” getting a job is the ONLY way to make money. It might be the most common way but certainly not the only way, nor it’s the best way to make money. We got this mis-believe from people around us – school teachers, parents, friends.. etc We’ve always been taught that way, ever since we stepped into the place called school – work hard, get good education so you can get a good job when you older. I used to think like that myself because no one, I mean not one person (from what I can remember) has told me another way of playing this game called life. I’m not going to get into new “blueprint” I discovered because I will have another post just on that.

I have some bad news for the people who thinks a 9 till 5 job is more secure than business owners: –

  • Risk 1 – You would lose your job if the company is not making enough money to cover your wages
  • Risk 2 – You could lose your job if the boss can find someone else that can do a better job than you.
  • Risk 3 – You would most likely lose your job if you made a tiny mistake that resulted a huge lost in profit
  • Risk 4 – You could lose your job if your boss sold the company to someone else and that person has different way of doing things. (depending on how adaptive you are)
  • Risk 5 – Your circumstances, the condition of your health and other unexpected events can easily result losing your job.

I’m sure there’s more but you get the idea (if you think of one please let me know). I think the REAL disadvantage of doing the 9 till 5 job, for me at least, is the fact that you’re “limited” by the hours you can work in a day, and also your growth is (and will always be) depending on the company you work for. The sad thing is that you, as a employee, will have no control over these two things, which means the quality of your life, your family and your next generation are on the hands of someone else. Ok.. maybe I’ve exaggerated a bit, hope I’ve made my point here. The truth is that knowing I’m in control of my life is important to me, because that way even I failed I have no one else to blame but me. =]