Create Contents For Humans, Not Search Engines

Some people thinks that good search engine optimisation is about “tricking” the search engines by using techniques like keyword stuffing. That isn’t the way to go about it, not to consider that it could result getting your website banned. The best way to do it is by creating quality content in your website and the focus of your content should be people first, search engines after.

You should write content that makes sense to people, but at the same time your content should be search engine friendly as well. So what that means is you need write for humans and search engines. Doing so will result the maximum amount of the benefits.

You don’t need to do anything complicated. Some say that you should use the exact number of keywords and make the keywords as high up as possible. The truth is that you don’t need to follow these “rules” in order to make your contents more search engines friendly. Write naturally and in simple words even if you are writing about complicated subjects. Keep your target audience and the keywords in mind, use words that they can easily understand. And try not to repeat the same keywords too many times – instead use related words.

Avoid writing things that you’re not sure about or have no evident to back them up. For example, if you write about the rate of mortality caused by automobile accidents you should research the subject and only write information coming from a reliable source and never use numbers you don’t know the precedence. Search engines are getting smarter every day, they can detect false information. Not to consider that people will leave negative comments about the false information. False or wrong information is something that affect the reputation of your business so try to do some research before you start writing the contents.

Finally, the most important thing I noticed is that successful blog and website owners write for human whilst ensuring the contents are search engine friendly. Both the humans and search engines have their own way of detecting the quality contents, especially with the search engines, they have people who visits random websites to make sure the contents are genuine. Which is why you shouldn’t try to do anything like keyword stuffing and buying links from link farms, because those techniques will only give you short term advantages. Stick to writing quality contents for humans first then search engines will be best thing you can do to get search engine traffic.

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