SEO Techniques For Improving Your Website Ranking in 2009

We are living in a world where not only radio, television, cable TV and newspaper can be used to market products and services. Search engines are becoming more and more popular for both advertisers and consumers around the world. Having a website that is fully optimised can make your business more successful. Unfortunately SEO techniques aren’t static, they constantly change due to the search engine algorithm. If you want to be successful on the search engines you need to keep up to update in the SEO world. I would like to share with you some tips related to the latest techniques for November-December 2008.

Most SEO experts agree that latest SEO techniques are based on the improvement of HTML meta-tags, a propel selection of keyword density and a more fresh and informative content. Bots of Google and Yahoo are requiring in the current time informative content. Now in Christmas you will notice a great explosion of new content related to diverse topics and issues, but only the content and websites that accomplish with the requirement of search engines will have good rankings.

In order for you to get better search engine results you must avoid short posts in your website or blog. You should be aware that search engines don’t like indexing pages that only have 100 to 200 words. If you have a competitor writing articles that are in the same topic as yours, you will notice that only the most extensive content will be indexed by search engines. Producing contents that are over 400 words is ideal because Google bots will treat them as “genuine information”, and not some junk that people put up just to gain search engine advantages.

The same applies to Yahoo, they are giving more “weight” to the pages that have large quantity of words. The only difference is that Yahoo still gives more weight to the on page factor than Goggle, which means you’ll need to optimise the keyword density if you want to rank well in Yahoo.

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