Storing PPS in Optical Media

PPS files are loaded through computing devices ranging from desktop computers to smart phones. This is because these computing devices can accommodate applications used for creating and viewing slideshows or animated presentations. These animated projects can be viewed not only on standard computer monitors but also on other major media output devices like LCD projectors and television sets with the right applications and cable connectors.

Since PPS files are used as handy visual tools for presentations and lectures, its portability has also been developed to match the transmission convenience of the file format. Independent optical media devices have been developed to be capable of properly playing PPS files because only a few own smart phones and desktop computers are not portable. Optical media devices such as CD/DVD players are usual viewing tools found within any academic or corporate media faculty. PPS within the said medium spells absolute convenience for the user since compact discs are portable.

Flash drives may be as common as CDs in terms of carrying and transferring PPS files. However, flash drives are dependent on computing devices to open and view its contents. Also, its autorun property (a menu prompting the user to select how the present contents in the disk should be dealt with) interrupts the capability of the PPS to automatically load itself as a slideshow presentation.

Storing PPS files in CDs is the most convenient method to date. A CD containing a PPS file will automatically execute and play the presentation. In order to keep at pace with the execution speed of the presentation, the PPS project should be paused if the user wishes to suspend the display to a certain frame and just press play for the presentation to proceed with its upcoming slide frames.

The readability of the PSS does not actually rely on the file format. Rather, it depends on the platform of the optical media device. The “operating systems” for these devices have been developed to be capable of treating the PPS file format as an autoplay media. In case of multiple slideshows within a single CD, the playing sequence of the presentation projects depends on how it was stored in the CD and the playing device’s menu facility. Upon playing, a menu will be displayed by the media device. This allows the user to choose which presentation should be opened. However, if the presentation projects have already been programmed to run following a certain sequence, all projects will be played as a single string of presentations and short pauses will separate them.

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