Finding the right adsense niche

The subject of Adsense has been my main focus lately. I’ve spent most of my spare time researching and reading about the subject. One of the most important thing with Adsense is finding the right niche, getting this right can make a huge make a difference in your adsense earnings.

Most people use adword research tool to find high paying keywords and then they build a site based on that. This concept used to work, that is before Google Smart Pricing was introduced. But now days even if you have a site based around the high paying keywords the chance of you getting below advertisers’ minimum CPC for those keywords is very high, at least in the very beginning. This can change if you have high traffic and/or high quality contents on your site. But if you want to start earning quickly you need to change your “tactic” slightly, instead of going after the high paying niches you want to go after the ones have between $1-$3 CPC and have high number of clicks per day, an good example would be Lacrosse. It has around 5000 clicks per day according to the adword research tool. Now all you have to do is get traffic to your site. There’s hundreds or thousands of niche like that out there, it’s extremely important to spend some time (maybe a day or two) researching the niche before doing any designs or codes.