The Steps of Getting a Website For Your Business

In the recent years websites have become a necessity to almost everyone. Companies, businesses, individuals, even school kids have created personal websites or blogs. Blogs seem to be getting more popular these days because of the ease of blog creation.

What you need to consider before creating a website, are things such the cost, maintenance, use, web host and more importantly the purpose of the website. You’ll need to ask questions like, what I do want the visitor to do when they’re on your website? Do you want to just provide the information about your business or do you want to them make a purchase, or maybe you’re looking for their contact details.

Firstly, you’ll need to register a domain name which is roughly around $8 for one year. Ideally you should purchase at least two years or more because that will benefit on search engines. Next would be a “cheap” hosting solution, getting this step right can save you from hours, even days of stress. The key here is RESEARCH, read people’s posts in forums and blogs and see what’s good and bad out there. I would spend half of day if not more doing this. Companies that have been around for 5+ years are usually pretty safe, but never pay for one full year the first time, and if they don’t the monthly option then I would look elsewhere, unless it’s recommendation from your friend.

So now you have all the technical things sorted out and you wonder what’s next. Your website! Depending on your level of interest and knowledge in web design, you could buy a software package like Dreamweaver and try to do it yourself. That can be fairly time-consuming and could end up costing you more in the long run. The alternative option is to find a professional freelance web designer to do this for you. A professional designed website should last you about 2+ years without any major changes. Have a look around on net, there’s a lot good web designers out there, so finding someone that fits your budget shouldn’t be difficult. Since most web designers have a portfolio site, you can see what they have done and whether or not his design style fits in with your business. An easy way to find out whether he/she is the right person for the job is to compare his work with your competitors’ website. A good web designer should be able to do well in both design and coding, and some will also have knowledge of Search Engine Optimization. If possible try to hire someone who has some SEO knowledge, and let them know your preferred search keywords before he/she start building the website. A website that built with SEO in mind can greatly benefit from free search engine traffic. One thing to remember is always find out exactly what you will get in the end before starting the project.

Not all industries can see huge benefits in having a website, some can benefit more than the others but having one will certainly give you an edge over your competitors who doesn’t, even if it just has your logo and contact details on there!

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