Things You Need to Know Before Writing Web Site Copy

Writing good search engine friendly copy is very important to any business that relies on the Internet to attract customers. By combining search engine optimisation and article writing, you can get highly targeted visitors to your web site from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Focus on the keywords that have low competitions at first and then work your way up, this way you can expect a much better ROI on your time and money spent.

There are plenty of SEO article writing services that claim to take your business web site to the number one ranking in a month or so, but the truth is that they use methods that could get your web site banned forever. Therefore it’s important to find out exactly what these SEO services would do before paying for anything.

The traffic is important, but how targeted those traffic are is even more important because ultimately you want buyers and not visitors! More and more bigger companies are using the articles and social sites to promote and spread the word about their business. This can also be a good solution for small businesses because it’s very easy to implement, and if you don’t have the time you could outsource individual tasks to freelancers and writers.

Keywords are your friends when it comes to search engine optimisation. They are also known as search terms. This creates an appeal towards the purchasing habits of your target audience via different keyword optimization techniques. If your web site has good amount of keywords and incoming links, you have a chance of hitting the first page of Google and/or Yahoo. The good thumb of rule is to stick to the proven practices will ensure longevity and stable results on the search engines.

Writing good copy on your website can help promoting your website virally. People are always interested in sites that have good quality content, and most people don’t mind linking to useful contents because they believe they could gain credibility by doing so. This is the reason why you need to focus on your users FIRST and THEN make the keywords fit in with the content, not the other way around!

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