Tips For Creating A Great Online Web Design Portfolio

If you are someone who enjoys working with clients and creating designs then a online web design portfolio site would be essential for you. By design portfolios I mean a website with your best past design work. It’s extremely difficult to get clients if you don’t have any work to show, unless you willing to work for free.

Before you start designing your portfolio site on paper or in Photoshop you should try to get some feedbacks on your existing work. You can do this in a number of ways – the friend option would be a good starting point. After you get feedbacks from them you can then do the same on public places like a forum or contact someone who is already in the web design field. Things like the site layout, colour scheme, navigation, fonts etc. are some really essential parts of a website that are viewed the most. You don’t have to follow exactly what people say, but if five people tell you the same thing then chances are they’re properly right.

Making the “wow” impression on your portfolio site is important, to do that you will first need to look at what others have done but never ever try to copy them. After you get the feel of what’s already out there you then need to come up with something that’s unique, and stand out. It’s important to remember that your portfolio site should communicate the right message. Always ask yourself how would I like to be perceived? What is my design style? Should I show 20 or 30 pieces of my work?

If you have worked in a design agency or have done work for people privately in the past then try them ask for a testimonial. Tell them that you will provide a link back to their site. Testimonials show that you have successfully worked with different people and they’re happy with your service. If possible ask people to give specific information on their testimonials. For example, “after the new website has been online my sales has gone up by 20% in the last month.”

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